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Simply, Screen Speak exists for the love of film and cinema.


Screen Speak originates from Stefan's film fanaticism and his passion for and sheer love of all things cinematic, on the big screen in cinemas, on small screens and, in a contemporary setting, on streaming services.

Beyond movies, all things cinematic includes film paraphernalia from posters to promotional gimmicks to books about films.  

Stefan has even sat through and enjoyed films with titles such as Surf Nazis Must Die, Toxic Avenger I, II and III, Bad Taste, Lizard Soldiers of the Third Reich and The Driller Killers. All are real films and all their titles reflect what they're about. I watch them so you don't have to.

Screen Speak shares film reviews, of current films and historic films, chats with fellow film fanatics/cineastes (always in a respectful way, of course), tells stories about film, explains film terminology, provides film quotes and records interviews with people from the cinematic arts.

Visit Screen Speak regularly; subscribe (it's free) to get regular announcements when Stefan posts something new and you are most welcome to contact Stefan via Let's Chat & Contact.

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Stefan's love of films was sparked  during his childhood years while watching movies on television and Saturday excursions to the cinema. Every kind of film from B grade science fiction and Westerns to adventure,  comedy and classic cinema shaped his cinematic vision.


Stefan's career has ranged across teaching media, media production, photographyfilm reviewingtravel blogger and writer.  He is located in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT).


He has worked in the media industry with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, for Australian Community Media, is a member of the Australian Society of Authors and runs a small media production business.


In his spare time, what else, he goes to the movies.

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