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Welcome to Screen Speak:”For the love of cinema”

Screen Speak is designed to share film reviews, of current films and historic films, provide sidebars about backgrounds to film production, to chat with fellow film fanatics/cineastes (always in a respectful way, of course), tell stories about film, explain film terminology, provide film quotes and record interviews with people involved in the cinematic arts.

Screen Speak caters to cinephiles, casual movie goers, people who delve into the critical elements and explore film theories, as well as those of us who go to the movies, to use the well-worn phrase, to escape from reality and just have a fun time. A choc top ice cream and box of popcorn only add to the enjoyment, although I hold the line at having meals delivered to my cinema seat. I go to the movies to watch films, not eat dinner, just like I don't go to restaurants to watch movies.

Visit Screen Speak regularly for a range of film facts, trivia, and reviews; subscribe (it's free) to get regular announcements when Stefan posts something new; and, if you would like to share your ideas and offer additional information or make a comment, you are most welcome to contact Stefan by using the Let's Chat forum at the bottom right of the blog pages or the Contact page.

I look forward to sharing reviews, comments and ideas with you.

For the love of cinema.


eclectic Stefan


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